In the neighbourhood of Amitabha Monastery 

   View from AmItabha Monastery to the valley of Kathmandu

The area around Druk Amitabha Mountain consists of a series of valleys extending north west from Kathmandu.

The approximately 750,000 inhabitants of this area are farmers who have  lived and  toiled there for generations. Yet, their  income  neither covers the  price  of  the  infrastructures,  available in the  Kathmandu valley,  nor  the  expenses necessary for the transport to the hospital. When sick, they generally seek help from a traditional Shaman (healer) in exchange for a chicken or similar item. However, in severe cases, this kind of treatment is insufficient.

The elderly are carried in  baskets   by

their relatives. For hours or days, their families climb the steep mountains.         

There is often no direct access to this region which has only steep walking  tracks leading from village to village.

 Baskets to carry sick and elderly people as well as stones, cement bricks and wood

Walking tracks leading from village to village

 Villages are often linked by bridges


There is often no direct  access  this  region  which  has  steep  walking  tracks  leading  from  village  to  village before  reaching   the  nearest road.  From  there  they can travel  to Kathmandu.  During the  rainy   season, it  becomes    nearly     impossible    with    the     torrential    rain    causing     dangerous    walking     conditions.


For  those  who are in   good    health   and  if  the weather

conditions  are  good  he  walk  from  the Monastery to the

main  road  takes  another  ¾  to 1 hr.  Upon  reaching  the

road they have to take a motorized transport which is often

a taxi if their physical condition doesn’t  allow them  to  get   

on an overcrowded bus.One way costs more than a worker

earns   a  day.  A  return  to  a  hospital is  a costly financial

burden  that   a  farmer  can   rarely   afford.  Families   put

their  savings   together  and   work  to  pay  the   expenses

In  2012  I saw women crushing stones for  US 75ct  a  day

while  1kg  grapes  cost  US 1,50,  and  1kg  apples  US 1.50

                              Marie-Josée de Quevedo, Director



Women and men breaking stones, but women almost only carry the heavy baskets.



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