During several months the children were sleeping in tents

April 2015 Nepal was hit by the most powerful earthquake since the one in 1914 in Chili, with a magnitude of 7.9  which was followed by numerous after shock  lasting for several months. The death toll  exceeded 8800 with more than 22000 injured.  The streets of Kathmandu were filled fallen debris from 20'000 destroyed buildings and could no longer be driven on.There was neither water nor electricity, no food, petrol nor blankets, 20'000 schools were closed . As the airport was so narrow only one cargo  could land at the time.As for the monastery only H.H. Gyalwang's residence and our clinic resisted whereas the nuns houses and conference hall for 600 people, only 80 feet distanced from the clinic, were seriously damaged. Fortunately there were neither deaths nor injuries.


The new "Centre Nepali Little Birds" not being completed  there was little damage but the destrutcion  of the roads blocked access to many who planned to attend the eye camp thus tthe number of patients fell in 2016, 2017.















To this day chaos reigns and the country has not yet recovered. Due to land slides, farmers who can no longer plow their land as it is covred by rocks brought on by landslides, camp in Kathmandu where about 4 million people are in temporary shelters where   poverty with  lack of food and hygiene is constantly increasing .


During months the sky would suddenly darken flocks of crows coming from no where flying in circles while cawing in an unfriendly way. This was the unexpected although daily announcement of another shake which would take place in seconds . The feeling of the ground dancing below one’s feet is not the most pleasant and to avoid any disastrous consequences we used to look for a table or similar to serve as a shelter

The damaged Congress Hall located 80  feet from  Druk White Lotus clinic which didn't suffer



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