Girls are treated as commodities


Santoshee's story

Girls,   without  a handicap,   are  treated  as a commodity. Their  future  is in the hands of adults who decide how much they should be sold for to an older wealthy man  or  to a brothel, in India, that may pay more.

In Nepal 41% of  girls are married to older men, before they turn 18 and 10% before they are 15. Often they  get married at  the  young  age of 8, which is supposed to be beneficial,

Pregnancies  succeed   on  these  fragile   and   developing  bodies. When under 15, they are 5 times more likely to  die when giving birth  than young women of 20.

Santoshee struggling under the weight of the bricks

Santoshee's story

Aged 14, back from a school day, was told she would have to leave school to be married a couple of hours later.So as not to run away, the parents locked her up. A man in his 40 forties  picked her up. Upon entering into her new home, with incredible violence.  Upon entering into her new home, with incredible violence she was forced  to sexual intercourse. She fought but he tied her arms and beat her. She never forgot the he horrible suffering she had to undergo. Since then she constantly fears the night. She feels like a household  object used for sex, procreating, and what ever is related to domestic work.  There is never a friendly word from her husband or the in-laws she fears. Such behaviour being common, a child bride often thinks it is justified if men hit and beat their wives. This ancestral tradition of child marriage is still followed by the majority of the population of developing countries.

UNICEF estimates that 700 million women alive today, roughly 10% of the world’s population, were married before they were 18 and more than 1 in 3 , (about 20 million) were married before the age of 15 over the past 30 years. Up to 280 million girls alive today are at risk of becoming child brides. This number will increase to 320 million by 2050 without  further intervention to put an end to it.


The World leading countries are Nigeria, Nepal and Lybia


This is why we concentrate our efforts on empowering young women.



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