2005 March starting the constructin-

Druk White Lotus or Pema CarpoClinic Clini 2005-2009

2009 March Opening of the clinic

         Tibetans at the reception

By chance, one day I came across a piece of paper with the address of a home for physically handicapped children. It was in 2007. There I met Amrit Pudasainee, a specialized educator who had been working for the (DRC) "Disabled Rehabilitation Center Nepal" for 5 years. There he specialized to become a educatr

                              (Marie Josée de Quevedo)

Alexandra de Quevedo at the Rehabilitation

Centre where we met Amrit in  2i007

Amrit, barrister since 2016, is sponsored by Australians, Canadians,   New   Zealanders, Americans, and French. In 2010  supported 

by his sponsors  Amrit  founded  the  non  profitable NGO "DHC Disabled, Helpless Children New Life  Nepal", of which he is now director.

Donors Sue Driscol Rose Falconer and  Amrt


From 2013, Surya association Drukpa Suissehas concentrated its efforts for the construction of the welcome centre Nepali Little Birds for the above mentioned NGO. It financed and monitored its execution. This Centre welcomes especially physically handicapped girls from the lowest castes.


At first Amrit took in both boys and girls but he now favours girls as they are the ones who have the hardest struggle in life and suffer the greatest humiliation.

DHC Disabled, Helpless Children New Life Nepal

From 2007 to 2012  MJ de Quevedo followed Amrit's  work an in 2013  Surya Association Drupka Suisse started to built the  new Welcome Centre "Nepali little-birds"  where the children are living since July 2016

Who are the direct beneficiaries ?

Children from different low castes, ages and back

grounds, who are the future of our societies, will be the direct beneficiaries.


















The schools and colleges will be made a fertile ground for the children of the care centre. It is hoped that these children who faced adversity and in many cases cruelty, will be able to recover and direct themselves to a new vision.

Saeshwatiba a mobile exploded in her hand

Nepali Little Birds Centre

Nowadays, the association Surya works hand in hand  with  the  Director,  Amrit   Pudassainee monitoring the yearly budget and keeping an eye on the general development. 



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