2011 Manoj Khatri received the National Disabled Federation of Nepal’s award

for the highest marks attained in the whole of Nepal by a physically disabled


2015 he was invited  by the South Korean Paralympic organization for disabled

to assist  the sportive  disabled in their training.due to his Fluent English was

chosen among the participants of 16 countries to give the final thank you speech .

2018 Manoj finished his bachelor’s degree and graduated in Public health.





2012 Saraswoti Adhikari and in

2013  Sarvan and Pandey finished H.A. Junior doctor both are working for the








2013-2014 Rebita Phandari and Manoj Subedi were

awarded by the Time International Publication for

being among the top  finalist  out of 7,000 students

at the National Level's Handwriting competition.






Manoj Subedi was awarded the first prize by his school as the best student of the year out of 1,200 He loves science and wants to study medicine at university

Hira Bahadur Rokaya ,(In green) was the best student of the year of his class




These chldren were awarded for their 1st,2nd and 3rd position among 100 students, and several others for extra activities






HEALTH CARE: basic healthcare as well as physiotherapy, prosthesis fitting and hygiene education​



EDUCATION, in a private

school to avoid discrimination and reduce the socio-economic difference  between castes,

FULL BOARDING for children, including education,

health, yearly

outing and school transport 

INTEGRATION, for children into the society from which they are excluded

 SUPPORT to improve lives for a brighter future

EYE CAMP. These occur annually at our clinic Druk White Lotus built in the compound of Amitabha Monastery  Kathmandu



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