with his Mother Mayum-la

        His   Holiness  the 12th Gyalwang  Drukpa   supreme head of  the Drukpa   Lineage  of Tibetan

        Buddhism,  is  recognised   HH  the  DalaiLama,  as  the  12th  spiritual  leader  of  the   Drukpa

        Lineage,  one  of  the  main Tibetan  Buddhist schools founded  by the Indian  saint Naropa in

        the 12th AC






       Gyalwang    Drukpa    was   awarded   The   United   Nations    Millennium   Development Goals

       (MDG)  Honour  in  September  2010, a nd  three  months  later in  December 2010, the Green

       Hero  Award,  presented  BY the President  of  India. In 2014, the Department of Posts                             government of India issued a national stamp on the drukpa lineage of Buddhism.

        2010, floods devastated  Ladhak.  HH launched an

       initiative to plant one  million trees in Ladakh. As part

       of his initiative with his organisation Live to Love and

       the local population.


       Gyalwang  Drukpa broke the Guinness World Record

       twice  in 2010 a nd 2012 for the most simultaneously

       planted trees.In October 2012,over 9,800 volunteers

       planted nearly 100,000 trees, safe guarding villages

       from mudslides and cleaning polluted air.



















His  Holiness  has  been   named   a "United   Nations

Millennium   Development  Goal   Honoree."  for   the

Ecco  Pad  Yatra  and  several  other  endeavors..










The   Ecco   Yatra   a   yearly pilgrimage, is  not   for    spiritual  benefit,   but  also plays  an  important    role  in  nature   conservation.   Around   700  participants  are  not    only  mindful

of their   surroundings,  during   40   days  but   also   educate   villagers   on    climate   change biodegradable and nobiodegradable  material.


  We all have a great responsibility to take care of the Himalayas for all sentient beings,”

      We need to appreciate Mother Earth and keep it green and clean.”-Gyalwang Drukpa





During the 2009 Pad Yatra, participants collected an astonishing 60'000 plastic bottles, 10'000 chewing-gum  tobacco  wrappers  and   5,000  empty  cans. These   staggering numbers were recorded after they had completed  just a third of the route. Gathering these items  from streams, ravines and the trekking path, it quickly became clear that the yatra was  to assume a new and profound responsibility. Pad Yatra: A Green Odyssey won Best Cinematography, Docutah   Film Festival (2012), Best  Environmental Film, Big Bear Film Festival (2012), and several other awards and nominations.



HH lves in the Amitabha Monastery in Kathmandu, having  under is spiritual  guidance  a  great  number   of   monasteries  in India, Darjeling being one of the most important. In Ladach is the most

impressive  Hemis monastery and he is the spiritual leader of  the reign of Bhutan.

If you would like to join a PAD YATRA click on www.pad yatra.org  



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