From 2005 to 2010

Built in the outskirts of Kathmandu on top of a hill the Druk White Lotus clinic serves the  local  communities  since  2009. Once  a year, it  holds an eye-camp for cataract interventions for those with no financial means.

HH the 12th,Gyalwang Drukpa with Marie-Josée

de Quevedo and her daughter Alexandra 

The empty ground for the future  Druk Pema Karpo Clinic

(in Tibetan) Druk White Lotus Clinic October 2004

"It's Druk can you come to see me."  We are leaving for Geneva." I said "I will send you the car immediately." 


This conversation  occurred  early  October 2004,  while   Marie-Josée  de  Quevedo  was with  her daughter Alexandra, in  Kathmandu  on   the   day  of   their  departure.  At   6am, the  telephone rang - it  was  the  Twelth   Gylwang Drukpa, in  his  Monastery   Amitabha.


One hour later we met with His Holiness. 

Suddenly he points out a piece of land saying "Would you built me a clinic here?"

I  was totally surprised.


What an unexpected request: I am neither a doctor, nor a nurse, or an architect, I have never built anything, nor have I a clue how to cope with such a task. "I don't speak the language, I am not aware of Nepalese customs and don't know a single soul in this country. Besides, how can we raise funds?  I have never undertaken such a task. I really wouldn't know where to start. I can not take on such a responsibility. "


"Don't worry" said  His Holiness "I will stand by you and you will have the assistance of an interpreter. and a car The nuns in the Monastery  will help you as well"


Disarmed by the numerous arguments, I finally gave in. This was a great opportunity to help these unjustly poor people, living in the surrounding villages.


In his neighborhood, when, villagers are in need, they knock on the door of the monastery and ask for help. Due to lack of medical knowledge, the nuns can't give much assistance. His Holiness, was unable to forget the tragic incident of a women who gave birth  in his car. The child died on their way to Kathmandu. Hence his decision to build a clinic on the Monastery compound.                  




Marie-Josée de Quevedo with architects April 2005

HH Gyalwang Drukpa stood by Marie-Josée de Quevedo as promised.   October 2007


Marie-Josée strolled, with her camera  about Kathmandu, photographing, roofs, windows and doors to gratify the construction with a Nepali style.

In the tile shop, she selected tiles with different ornaments of fruits, vegetables or flowers to adorn windows and doors.




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